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Chemical Air Filter


Chemical Air Filter

Chemical Air Filter: Chemical air filters remove various harmful gases.

hey help to enhance the yield of products in factories that conduct precision manufacturing processes.
Also, they prevent harm to the human body by improving air quality.


Airborne molecular contamination (ACM) refers to various chemical pollutants (organic, alkaline or acidic gases, etc.)
that have a negative effect on the semiconductor manufacturing process.

Application Fields

  • Super-precision manufacturing processes for semiconductors, LCDs, etc.
  • Industrial fields where odors and harmful gases are generated
  • Fields that require a clean environment, such as hospitals, museums, public institutions, etc.


  • High removal efficiency of over 90% and long shelf life
  • Customized filter manufacturing upon customer request
  • Easy installation/operation with lightening of product weight- Excellent cost competitiveness
  • Competitive price
  • Batch line-up construction, ranging from impregnated media to assembly and installation of finished products

Examples of Filter Application


  • 01 CAFILDEX® SW series

    SW is a panel type product made by layering several media, and the product’s name comes from its SandWich manufacturing method. SW Media is suitable for the control of complex gases, as it is composed of several layers. For frame materials and removed gases, customized designs are available considering customers’ requests field situation, and thus customer satisfaction is high.

  • 02 CAFILDEX® HECY series

    This cylindrical product allows installation without a buffer frame. Like SW series, it can control complex gases because SW Media has been applied. Aluminum anodized frame materials are used for the frame. This product is mainly used for FFU.

  • 03 CAFILDEX® TY series

    This multi-tray type product has the advantage of low pressure loss due to its wide area, and its tray is produced by filling in pellet-shaped media and allows you to control a variety of gases according to the formulation method. Also, the box can be used semi-permanently due to SUS material, and maintenance cost is reduced because the tray is replaceable.