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Hello and thank you for visiting the homepage of ECOPRO.

eople’s lives are becoming more convenient due to IT/semiconductor, steel and automobile industries. However, technical development inevitably causes serious side effects, such as air pollution and destruction of the earth’s environment. With this in mind, ECOPRO has developed and commercialized air environment technologies for eliminating harmful gases and preventing air pollution.

Also, we have expanded our business areas to core materials for lithium secondary cells and constructed facilities that can batch produce precursors and cathode materials from metal materials for the first time in Korea. In this way, by securing leading technologies to produce new materials for secondary cells, we now truly have a green growth business.

We, all the executives and employees of ECOPRO, will not only keep solidifying existing business areas but also continuously pioneer new fields based on an open mind and creative ideas to contribute to the happiness of all of our stakeholders.

We ask for your unwavering support and interest.

Thank you.

CEO Lee Dong-chae