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Chemical Adsorbent


Chemical Adsorbent

Harmful gases are eliminated selectively through physical/
chemical adsorption using various adsorbents.

hose adsorbents are widely used, ranging from industrial facilities
to purification filters for domestic purposes, vehicles, gas masks, etc.

Field of application

  • 01 Home Appliances

    It can be applied to home appliances that are used in most homes. The use extends to all products to which deodorizing filters can be applied such as air cleaners, air conditioners, refrigerators, food waste disposers, bidets, and shoe racks.

  • 02 Air Conditioning Equipment

    It can be used to remove harmful gases, such as processing exhaust gas generated from air conditioning equipment in cleanrooms for semiconductor and display that require precision manufacturing processes, various ventilation systems and emergency gas treatment facilities, total heat exchangers, laboratories, and hospitals.

  • 03 Household

    It is used to remove bad odors and harmful gases, such as in home and office air cleaners, gas masks (for private and military use), and vehicle combination filters.

  • 04 Air Pollution Prevention System

    It is used to remove a variety of complex odors generated by industrial facilities that should observe emission standards, bio gas plants, and public treatment operation facilities (food waste, sewage, wastewater, and nightsoil treatment plants), etc.



    This product adsorbs and removes harmful gases from the air, exhaust in industrial sites, and gases generated in laboratory hoods. Various gases are eliminated, such as acid gas (SOx, NOx, HCl, HF, etc.), alkaline gas (NH3, TMA), low-grade fatty acids, and ozone.


    This product adsorbs and removes various volatile organic compounds (VOCs) generated in the process of handling paint and adhesives, semiconductor and display manufacturing process using organic solvents, and laboratories performing experiments that use organic solvents. It controls various VOCs, including toluene, benzene, xylene, MEK, IPA, acetone, PGMEA, butyl acetate, HMDS, and methylene chloride.


    This product removes various gases that cause bad odors generated in public operation facilities handling food waste, water purification, sewage, and wastewater treatment, etc. and industrial sites. It controls various gases, such as H2S, CH3SH, DMDS, acetaldehyde, formaldehyde and low-grade aldehydes.


    This product removes various complex bad odors generated in public operation facilities handling bio-gasification, food waste, sewage, and wastewater treatment and industrial sites. It controls 22 kinds of designated bad odor substances including acid gas, alkaline gas, aldehydes, sulfur compounds and VOCs.

  • ECOSORB IAC-1390

    This product adsorbs and removes various acidic and toxic gases generated in the semiconductor manufacturing process and from waste gases. It controls various gases such as arsine (AsH3), phosphine (PH3), CO, Cl2, F2, SiF4, GeF4, SiH4, BCl3, H2SO4, HCl, and BBr3.

  • PFC decomposition catalyst(NOx+N2O)

    To break down the PFC gas emitted in the semiconductor manufacturing process, a high temperature of 1,400℃ or above is needed in general. However, our company makes a specialized product using PFC catalyst, which induces low-temperature oxidative decomposition at 750℃ or below with removal efficiency over 99%.

  • VOCs Oxidation Catalyst

    THC, which is generated in various industries such as paint, adhesive, and coating manufacturing, varies greatly depending on the source in terms of concentration, gas composition, gas amount and temperature. Our company has developed a VOC oxidation catalyst that can oxidize VOCs at both low and high temperatures for economic and efficient removal of THC.

  • CO+VOCs+O3Catalyst

    ECOPRO’s chemical catalysts selectively break down various harmful gases generated in industrial, domestic, and public facilities into harmless gases through catalytic oxidation reaction. They adsorb carbon monoxide (CO), which is generated in industrial sites, the semiconductor manufacturing process and daily life, at room temperature and remove it through catalytic oxidation reaction.

  • Complex Bad Odor Catalyst

    ECOPRO’s complex bad odor catalyst is a chemical catalyst that can break down complex bad odor gases, such as highly concentrated sulfur compounds, aldehydes, low-grade fatty acids and ammonia, which are generated in public treatment facilities handling food waste, sewage and wastewater nightsoil treatment plants and biogas plants, at low or medium temperatures (80~400℃) through catalytic oxidation reaction. In other words, it is a hybrid system that eliminates bad odor gases by combining chemical adsorbents and the catalyst.

  • SCR Catalyst

    In general, nitrogen oxides are generated by stationary sources, such as combined heat and power plants, thermoelectric power plants, incinerators, and industrial boilers, and from the combustion of fuel, such as LNG, heavy oil, diesel, and coal, used in vehicles, ship engines and locomotives. ECOPRO’s specialized SCR catalyst can secure a high conversion rate over 90% at both low and high temperatures.